Reivew of Runaway Children-S Hariharan

Review of Runaway Children- S Hariharan By: Ramya Mishra Runaway Children is an autobiographical journey of Mr.Hariharan. He at one point of time in his life ran away from his home and returned back as a much wiser person. He in his own delicate manner has tried to take us into the world of runaway children. The story is delicately told, and Hariharan has tactfully raised many questions, which we Indians conveniently brush under the carpet. He has questioned the wisdom of raising the kid’s with iron hand, without much thought given to their thinking pattern, emotions and what all trauma they face at different stages of their life. I remember at a certain juncture in the story, the author was contemplating, that if someone had told him the ills of smoking in loving and gentle way, then probably he would have quit smoking. This statement throws light on the fact that in child rearing every problem cannot be solved by shouting and raising the rod. The story is divided into eight parts, and traces his journey from beginning till final trip. The author in his memoir has also highlighted the plight of runaway children. Many of them sleep on empty or half-filled stomach. Apart from that they do not have much hope in life and are regularly exploited and bullied. The book is definitely one time read, with an easy flowing narrative. The story beautifully unfolds without those heavy sermons or unnecessary preaching’s. While reading the book, at certain point of time one feel like reaching out to the orphans and desolate kids. The narration ends on a positive note, where the author makes peace with his family. He not only goes for further studies but also run a successful BPO with few crores turnover. This highlights the fact that the human spirit can survive despite of all adversities. Happy Read