What kind of traveler you are???

So, you want to go out on that much awaited trip with your best buddy or soul mate. But before you undertake that trip, wouldn’t it be good, to understand what kind of traveler you are? And in what travel category the other person falls? I am sure, you must have heard about IQ, EQ but do you know that there is also a term known as TQ? TQ stands for travel quotient. Therefore,before going out with your loved one or nearest dearest pal, do check their TQ. Otherwise, you will end up in a situation which you will not like. First try to understand what kind of traveler you are, few simple questions would give you an answer to this rocket science.
a) Adventurous Traveler- If you hate to stay in hotel rooms during vacations, and want to try out risky sports or activities, then somewhat you fit the bill. These category of travelers are happy go lucky, they flow with the tide, for them staying in luxury room is the least of the priorities. They are explorer by nature.

b) Party Traveler- These are the new breed of travelers, trust me their sole aim of coming on vacation is, hanging in the bar. These kind of travelers generally have low energy levels during the day but as the sun goes down, they turn into a powerhouse. If you are fond of exploration and knowing local culture, then these are the wrong travel buddies for you.

c) Couch Lovers- These kind of travelers prefer resting during vacations. They do not want to take much pain, in visiting different places. They just need one couch, good food and television. For couch lovers traveling is all about resting and recharging self. Though I often wonder, they can do the same in their city, why traveling across the globe for resting.
d) Luxury Travelers- These kind of travelers are the envy of the rest. For them everything should be perfect and top class. They will stay in top hotels, for sightseeing they will hire best of cars, and after day of running around, a trip to spa is must on their list. So do a double check on your travel buddy and on your account balance , if you don’t want to go bankrupt.
e) Planners- These kind of travelers, are generally into doing good research, before visiting a place. They have their checklist ready and move out of the hotel with a fixed agenda. These kind of travelers have proper knowledge of the place, so many times if you are clueless, please hold their hands they will take you through. The drawback is, that they might not like change in plans.
f) Social Media Travelers- These kind of travelers are the funniest. More than the trip, they are interested in choosing locations for the photographs. Half of their holiday is spend in pasting photographs on fb, pininterest and other half in counting the likes and posting comments.

One more word of caution, if you are single please avoid traveling with couple. The key reason is, either you will be growing green with their constant huggies and kissies, or you will be acting as referee.
Don’t forget to tell me your travel category and if I have missed on something, please do let me know. Happy Travel