How to write a book

Do you have a story to share? But do not know how to get it published. There are lot of confusion, a first time writer faces. This article will help you in sorting out your thoughts.
a)Make Blue Print- let’s keep it very simple, if you decide to visit a market, what is the first thing you do. Yes, you make a list of what all you want to purchase. Similarly in writing book, make a list of certain questions. What you want to write? Romance, thriller, satire etc. Design a rough sketch of the story, from the beginning till the end. Write down all the incidents which you want to incorporate in your story.

b)Visit Book Store and Library- Before starting a book, visit book stores and library. This will give you a fair idea about the trend. Also, it would further help you in knowing the publisher that publishes your genre.

c)Tell your near and dear ones that you are writing- Trust me, it is not about blowing your own trumpet, the more the people will know, the bigger the motivation for writing. And many times before giving up on an idea, you might also consider what you will answer, to all these people?

d)Write Daily- Make it a habit to sit for one hour, totally isolated from the world, with a pen and paper. You can also make your progress report in an excel sheet, mentioning which all days you have written and for how many hours. Keeping a track of your own progress and determining small milestones, are very important in writing. Whenever a mile stone is achieved , do celebrate. While writing I often pamper myself with small gifts, whenever I reach a milestone.

e) Listen to yourself- My sincere suggestion as a writer is, don’t discuss your ideas in deep with anyone. If you are stuck while writing, keep your pen down, give yourself a break, sooner or later ideas will flow. But discussing the scene with anyone, might lead to change in entire plot. Remember it is your baby, you need what is best for her. So act responsibly.