Review of book-Dream With Your Eyes Open

Review of book-Dream With Your Eyes Open
Dream with your eyes open is an entrepreneurial journey of Ronnie Screwvala, published by Rupa. Any Indian who loves cinema, will definitely know who Mr.Screwvala is, but only few know how a Parsi kid, went to become 75 most influential person of the 21st century.  

When I started reading the book, a question popped up in my head-Is Ronnie born genius or he was just more aware and observant than his peers? Well a difficult question, though I think he was mix of  both. It is commendable how a 10 year old decides to charge ticket, for giving a peek into the red carpet premieres, from his veranda. This incident clearly reveals a curious, observant and an alert kid, who knows how to make best of the situation. 

Ronnie’s book is refreshingly honest, where he is not scared to share even his failures with the readers. I think this quality makes him look more humane. It is a famous saying that a leader shouldn’t come across as a person who is infallible. Because then the followers can never relate to him. Let a leader be a human with its own share of victory and failures.

The narrative is interesting, where Ronnie discusses the high and lows of his journey and how he reacted in different situation. He is never influencing the reader, on what one should do in case of an obstacle. He is citing his case study and leaving the understanding part open to the readers. Every chapter is followed by pointers, which will act as reminding points of that chapter. Currently Indian climate is becoming suitable for entrepreneurs, but due to less or no guidance many people don’t venture out on their own. Everybody cannot get venture capitalist or angle investor, in such instances books like these come handy.

The book highlights few of the interesting aspects of business, Ronnie suggests that you should be highly innovative and ruthlessly disruptive. Generally once a business starts doing well, the entrepreneurs gets into the comfort zone and frequently they miscalculates the challenges ahead. I think this is one of the key reasons behind many of the leading brands, getting wiped out from the market. I strongly suggest this book to the current breed of entrepreneurs and also to those who want to be entrepreneur sometime in the future.

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