Review of Dil Dharakne Do

Finally Indian cinema has matured, the concept on which movies are made is remarkable. Recent releases Piku, Margarita with Straw, Lunchbox, Dil Dharakne Do all falls under same category. Gone are the days, when movies were all about romance, song and dance. Nowadays the main story is the king and romance is just a miniscule part of it.

Dil Dharakne Do highlights many wrongs present in the society, it also showcase that these wrongs exist at the cream level. It throws light on the patriarchal mind-set of Indians, where daughter is much more deserving than son, in handling business, but still no one notice her talent as she is born in wrong sex. Through Priyanka Chopra and Rahul Bose marriage, It shows the dominance of Indian husband without considering the intelligence and feelings of the wife. At the same time, Anil Kapoor and Shefali Chayya marriage highlights the adultery issue and how it affects the wife.

The story walks on its own two feet, without using the support of romance. It highlights the issue, which a family face and which is usually brushed under the carpet. Director has made a beautiful point, that till you talk no problem works out. In a family deep connection matters rather than superficial talks.

The film starts in Delhi and shows the estranged Mehra family. No one seems to be happy in that family apart from the dog Pluto Mehra. Interestingly whole narration is done by Pluto and his point of view on humans is refreshing. Ayesha( Priyanka Chopra)is a successful entrepreneur, covered by Forbes (so you can understand what she is) but poor soul  is stuck in loveless marriage. Kabir(Ranveer Singh) the heir to Mehra empire is least interested in business nor he has that business acumen. Anil and Shefali are heading the family, but their inter-personal relationship is badly damaged, due to the indifference and infidelity of Anil Kapoor. The plot unravels on a cruise, where the Mehras are throwing their 30th Anniversary party.  It is interesting to watch, how the circumstances break the shell of Mehra  family. Anushka and Farhan are seen in small roles.

Why should you watch the movie:
b)Delicate handling of complex issues
c)Anil Kapoor and Shefali Chayya  doing justification to their roles