Review of novel-God is a Gamer

Finally like our cinema our literature is also maturing. The way Indian writers are writing fiction is hugely commendable. These days, the writers like marketers are very clear about their target audience and the reading preferences. The writers were always influenced by the societal happenings and it reflected in their writing. Now we are in digital age, where money is also getting digital, so a novel around the same plot was long awaited. 

Ravi Subramanyam has done full justice to the concept of Bit coins (controversial form of digital currency).  The story is paned across the globe and has got revenge as its key subject. But the revenge is so beautifully blended in the plot, that the reader can only make out in the end , the key motivation behind the events. The story starts in US with the assassination of Senator Tan, who is very close to US president. In the meantime in Mumbai issues related to phishing, starts cropping up in one of the leading international banks. The person in charge Swaminathan is blamed for the whole fiasco. What started as a small phishing incident gets blown up and soon corporate politics start. The plot thickens, with the Indian counterparts getting into mud slinging act and the Americans viewing the total scene with utter mistrust. The novel bring to forefront the ugly nexus between politicians and corporate. It is well said at higher level only one philosophy works- I will rub your back, you rub mine. The story also takes us into the world of Gaming apps and how through false downloads, the position of apps are pushed.

Ravi has done thorough research on the subject. Not only this, he has highlighted the reason behind few recent incidents like battery blowing etc. The plot is gripping, nowhere the narration becomes boring or heavy. Even the technical things are explained in lay man language, one can relate to it. Reader can easily make out, that Ravi has used his banking experience extensively in writing the book.

Why should you read this book: