An Ideal Wife-Sanjay Grover (Book Review)

An Ideal Wife by Sanjay Grover is an interesting pick. It is published by GoodTimes. The story is an interesting take on, today’s generation outlook towards marriage. We approach marriage with long list of must have qualities. This list is generally designed keeping the expectations of society in mind. But what is needed, is while looking for a partner, a person must honestly understand self and based on that should choose his partner. The point is brilliantly made in the novel, that marriage is not a show game, where one needs to pamper the self-ego.

The central character Sameer is self-obsessed person, who is looking for an ultimate wife. A woman with unimaginable qualities like no jealousy factor, no nagging, no possessive streak and cherry on the cake, totally forgiving type  (Can you beat that, I think no living woman on the planet, can fit in that list). At the same time, a god is banished from the heaven, for making an unrealistic promise to Sameer. He is sent back on the earth to keep his words. Now here the twist happens, the God gets confused, as he has not manufactured a girl fitting Sameer’s criterion. Finally through some stroke of luck, he customized Sameer’s wife, but hey hold on we humans are too greedy, and even after getting the complete package, we often crib. So without spoiling the fun further, I would recommend you to explore the novel on your own.

The novel makes a wonderful point in the end, that all marriage’s however perfect they look, needs adjustments, compromise and lot of contemplation. Sadly we often expect all these things to be done by our partner, forgetting that they are also humans. Selfish or self-obsessed attitude cannot prevail in marriage. So enjoy this lovely novel with your partner.

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