Flatmate.in-App Review

What is FlatMate.in
It is an APP based service that helps students and young professional to find his/her room partners based on common liking. While finding a flatmate/roommate, one can also check others users gender/eating habits/drinking habits and type of lifestyle other user prefer. It helps user to speed up the flat finding process by making that he/she should speak to right person. Some Main Features Are:
1.    Strictly Verified and Authenticated Listing
2.    Member Privacy to avoid un-wanted calls

Along with the above mentioned special features, what comprises of the USP of FlatMate.in is its round the clock wide range service provided by the team working behind the scene. The ball now is in your court. Pick up the city and flat of your choice. Fill the details of the requisites of the required roommate. FlatMate.in takes care of the rest. 

How do they verify Users?
They take user verification very seriously and There are 3 level of verification that are performed, to make sure that the users are interacting with the genuine people.

In First Level of verification-They check the authenticity of user Facebook account based on user friends, posts, activities and groups. Thereafter, they validate name, gender and picture from user’s Facebook profile.
If they have some suspicion about the information given on the Facebook account then they do not allow user to see the contact details of other users and ask user to share his/her phone number. 

Second Level of Verification-After getting number, they call user to get basic information to make sure user profile is valid as Second Level of Verification.

Third level of verification- They keep close eye on the user search patterns. In case they find users performing irrelevant search and contacts , they pro-actively block that user to safeguard the interest of  users.

How it is different from others?
All currently available other platforms treat flat-share same as a property rental service and do not care much about the user preferences in terms of compatibility with the flat mate. However, flatmate.in works on searching the like-minded room partner for a peaceful and happy living while sharing one flat or a room.