How to choose topic to write

confused but don't give up on writing

So you are all geared up to write your first book be it fiction or nonfiction. The biggest question that pops in your head is what to write on or how to choose a subject. I will try to choose your dilemma, by giving you few pointers:
a)Visit Nearby Book Store- Most of the first time authors ask me, how to choose the publisher or how one knows what is the flavour of the season. My sincere advice to them, please visit the nearest book store. See which books are best sellers in different genre. It is also important to do a first-hand research, on what publisher is publishing what kind of literature. Shristi or Penguin metro read might be good option for the chic literature authors. Whereas serious authors might approach Westland, Penguin etc.
Good place to get ideas
b)Join Discussion Session- These days internet is abuzz with discussion rooms, members talk about different subjects. A wannable author should join the discussion forums related to his topic and understand the public opinion . This is a wonderful way of getting first hand research. Please remember that few of these members will pick up your book. So associating with them is important. A word of caution, don’t start selling your book on these platforms, they will block you as spam.  Always remember you are there to research and to feel the pulse.
Read Read Read
c)Real Life Experiences- Write on something that is close to your heart, with which you can relate to. It can be anything like marriage, child rearing, dreams and goals, teenage problem, dysfunctional family etc. If you can weave a book around real life experiences, you will be more passionately involved and will do complete justice to the topic.
d)Online research- Do a massive online research, see what is the most searched item on the  Visit different sites like flipkart, ebay,  amazon and look for the best sellers and also the recommended category. This will definitely guide you as what is clicking in the market. Not only you will be clear with your thought process, but also book blue print will emerge.
e)Set Deadline- Please take my words on this, set deadline. No research can be endless this means you are just killing time and is not serious about writing. So set deadline, that by what date and month you will finish the research work and will get on with actual writings.
Happy Writing….