Review of novel –Nights in Pink Satin


Nights in pink satin is written by Anita Shirodkar and published by Fingerprint l!te. The novel will fall under chic literature. The story revolves around Mumbai high society life and contains all the Bollywood masala. The novel reflects on the vulnerability of human emotions and the dynamics within rich families.  One thing which I found interesting is, ladies be it of any strata would love to gossip, only the content changes. It is beautifully shown in the novel –how the page 3 strata flourish on gossips.

The story unfolds in Mumbai, where the famous and rich Raichand family, is in severe financial mess. The only way out is, the male heir getting married to notorious Arun Dandeka’s daughter. Not only the Dandekars will infuse the much needed capital but the contacts will also help.  Simran Dandeka the new daughter in law enters the household, but she soon realizes that she is not welcome in the family and her husband is not interested in her. She was left heart broken and channelizes her energy in writing. She writes an erotica under a pseudo name, which becomes the best seller.  On personal front, Simran’s relationship with her husband begins to improve. But all these controversies surrounding her best seller, threatens to destroy the blooming relationship. How the story unfolds further, is an interesting read.

The story is well written and lot of inspiration has been taken from real life.  It is an easy to read book, with a freely flowing narrative. At no point of time, one will feel to let go of the novel. Though the plot is not totally unheard of. Serious literature readers can give it a miss. But all those who enjoy chic literature would like the novel. The novel is best suited for young readers, falling in age group of 15-35. It is 230 page novel, so can be easily read on move. The editing is crisp, nowhere a reader will feel bored or out of sync.

Why should you read the novel: