Review of Novel World Wide Trap- Authors: Amit Choudhary and Payal Bangar.

The novel World Wide Trap is written by Amit Choudhary and Payal Bangar, published by Good Times. The book is showcasing the future of the world, it is narrating a story of 2049. But hold on; don’t consider it as another science fiction, with star war, alien attack. The beauty of this novel is more than scientific gadgets, it speaks about human emotions. The writers have keenly observed the present generation, their obsession and have clearly weaved a story around the same. The book also deals with a controversial marketing topic neuro science. This topic talks about what is the prime catalyst, which helps the customers in making choice. The marketers are trying to manipulate those catalysts, so that the customers can make purchases according to them.

The book starts in 2049, and it showcases how much our world has advanced, where all things are digital. Before you reach your office desk, your digital office assistant will prepare your favorite coffee. The key protagonist Gypsy meets his school time crush Rhea, in a school reunion and old flames ignite. They decide to get married, and after some time incompatibility issues crop up. Gypsy tries hard to please Rhea, who is so addicted to the virtual world and to the game of keeping up pretenses. Unknowingly through her acts she widens the distance between them.  The story revolves around a generation, who is obsessed with perfection. In a crave for perfect marriage, perfect skin, perfect house they get manipulated by the marketers. 

The most heartening thing to read is that however digitally advance we might become, our basic human emotions will remain the same. Maslow’s need theory fit the bill perfectly. Our basic and sociological needs will remain the same. So somewhere a balance needs to be achieved between real and wannable life. The book beautifully tells, that whatever one sees on Facebook, at times is far away from reality. This book is like a freshly brewed coffee, asking us to wake up on time otherwise all will be lost.

While reading the book many times I got a creepy feeling behind my back. At times I felt like keeping the book down, but the reality which is portrayed by the writers cannot be denied.

Why to read the book: