All You Need is Love, the art of Mindful parenting- Shelja Sen (Book Review)

All You Need is Love, the art of Mindful parenting is published by Collins.

There are many books on child rearing and parenting. But I found- All You Need is Love, the art of Mindful parenting, different from the rest. Being a mother of 5 year old, I can very well relate to the book. 

Shelja, is speaking about basic things, which are very much doable, but somehow we skip them. She talks about building the basic connect with your child.  In day to day running life, we hardly get time to get fully involved with the child and listen to him/her attentively. We are multitasking all the time, this further results into spoiling the things. If the connect is deep, the parent child bonding will be strong and will help to tide over the crisis. She has dedicated a chapter to teenage, where the issues and problems faced, during this tenure is highlighted.

The author has made a valid point, when she is asking the mother, to take care of her own needs first. Very well said, only a healthy mom can raise a healthy kid. If you are screwed up from inside, whatever you do, it will affect your child also. I have met many parents, who do not enjoy the parenthood, they consider it more of a burden and often give their kids that lost look. I would definitely ask such parents, to pick up the book and read it thoroughly. The kids are not aliens, they are humans like us, what is needed is love, alertness and deep connect with your kid. One more idea which stayed with me, from the book was, that very often we praise our kids, using sentences- “You are the best” or “You are so intelligent”. As mentioned in the book, these vague praises do not make much of sense. This nowhere means, you stop praising the kid, but while praising him/her quote substantial examples like “You are intelligent, as you did your homework on time and it was all correct.” Now they can relate to the praise and they know which action to repeat, to get favorable response from parents.

There are many more chapters, giving us this easy to follow gyaan. I agree with the author, that parenting is a journey that takes us to places, certain places which we would not like to visit. But then it’s a commitment to your kid, that I will be around even when the whole world has walked out.

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