Brutal-Uday Satpathy (Book Review)

I will start this review with a question-Why do you read books?  Well for me the reasons are:

a)Entertainment/Stress Buster
b)Knowledge enhancement
c)Peps up imagination and transports reader to another world.

While reading Brutal, all my needs were beautifully met. It was Friday, I reached home after a hectic day and saw a courier on my study table. After finishing the regular stuff, I opened the courier and found the book-Brutal. I thought of reading few pages and then calling it a day. But trust me, those few pages enticed me, and before I realized I was so engrossed in the book, that when I looked at the clock it was 2:00 am in the morning. Yes, brutal is absolutely thrilling and fun to read. The best part is, you also get to learn few new facts, by the time the book finishes.

The book is written by Uday Satpathy, though this is his first book but I am genuinely impressed, by his mature writing style. This is also, the first India’s crowd sourced and crowd curated book. Let’s say “Hail Democracy”. Uday has done full justice to his baby. The kind of research he has done, to bring out this thriller is commendable.

The story starts in Allahabad, showcasing a teacher Nitin Tomar, who has murdered eleven of his students, in broad day light. Two journalists separately, started following the story and few mind blowing and chilling facts emerge. Honestly, I am tempted to write more about the story, but do not want to spill the beans. The book throws light on unethical practises followed by big pharma companies, international politics and the dirt that happens at Stock Exchanges. If you are a thriller fan, then do pick up this book.

Many books are being published, but it is heartening to see that the bar is being raised by each passing day. Apart from the research done by Uday, I was also impressed the way he handled the plot. No unnecessary surprises towards the end, the author made ample clear, somewhere towards the mid of the book, who the culprits are. But still knowing that, one is tempted to keep on reading. I hate thrillers where out of blues, a murderer emerges. Thankfully Uday has taken care of this fact.

Why should you read this novel:

Westland and Bloody Good Books(BGB) are co-publishing brutal. BGB has published it as an eBook and Westland will release it in print. Paperback will be released on September 5.