Manjhi-The Mountain Man (Film Review)

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I am not much of Nawazuddin Siddiqui fan though, went to see the movie because of Dashrath Manjhi. But by the time the movie was finished, I was bowled over by Nawazuddin acting skills. Nobody can do justice to Dashrath Manjhi, the way this actor did. I would also like to congratulate director Ketan Mehta, who chose such a serious subject, but at no point of time, the movie looked heavy. The movie was engrossing and one can easily empathise with the characters.
Nawazuddin and Radhika Apte

Manjhi-The Mountain Man is a story of grit and determination. It is a story of love, human survival, loyalty and persistence. The story starts in the village of Gehlaur village in Bihar, the young Nawazuddin is  head over heels in love with his wife Phalguniya (character played by Radhika Apte). He is a perfect husband for whom his wife is his world. But things change soon, when one day pregnant Phalguniya, slips from the mountain and dies. Dashrath world crumbles and he decide to break the mountain and make a path.  He starts breaking the mountain alone, the whole village calls him mad. Adding fuel to the fire were natural disasters like famine, snake bite, human deceit, corruption but Dashrath take all this in his stride.  And finally the human spirit wins.
Dashrath Manjhi

There is lot to learn from this movie, majority of us would have given up, in front of the problems which Dashrath faced. He was not a superman but an ordinary man like us, who had a will of steel. Breaking mountain for 22 years is not an easy thing. This movie can be an inspiration for all of us, we generally tend to give up on our dreams, after encountering few problems. But here was a guy who never let go of his path even when humans and god were against him. He was truly  Shahjahan of common man. His love for his wife was exemplary. During the movie I realised, why do we give so much attention to money. IF you want to be happy then money has got nothing to do. You need fulfilling relations around you. Dashrath was poor, but he was happy with his wife and in his little world. I would always like to keep this movie with me, whenever I face any hurdle I would look upto the mountain man.

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