Rashmi Bansal and Niyati Patel Interview

a) In the changing landscape, according to you what kind of literature is there to stay?

Rashmi: Books which entertain and inspire will always have a market. Readers want books which are relatable in terms of subject matter and also simple to read.  

b) I understand that your books are crowd sourced, but before committing to the full manuscript, what are the key points you consider?
Niyati: For us, originality of voice is very important. For example, the author may be telling the same college romance story told countless times before, but if he/she has an original voice, a view point that gives the story a different perspective, then we think the book should be published. 

c)You are a celebrated writer yourself, so now as a publisher, are you planning to stick to a particular genre or spread your canvas?
Rashmi: We are open to fiction and non-fiction books in all genres but our focus is mass-market, not literary books. The 1st 4 books chosen for publication by Bloody Good Book are 'Brutal' (thriller), 'Epic Indian Novel' (Humor), 'East is West' (Parenting) and Roomies/ Foodies (Student Cookbook)

d) Do tell us something about your new novel Brutal? How many more novels in pipeline and which genre?

Niyati:Brutal is a gripping thriller by author, Uday Satpathy. Two ace journalists—Prakash and Seema stir up a hornet's nest as they chase the story of a schoolteacher who murders 11 of his students. Their pursuit of the truth takes them to the ominous forests of Bandhavgarh where an eerily similar incident had occurred 8 years ago. One by one, their leads end up dead and they soon realize that they're pitted against forces more evil and powerful than they could have ever imagined.

We have 4 books coming releasing this year, including Brutal. 
1) Roomies /Foodies: An anecdotal cook book for students abroad written by two young women who were roommates at college in the US and learn cooking together.

2) The Epic Indian Novel: A hilarious satire that transposes the Mahabharata in a corporate setting.

3) East or West: A relatable parenting guide for Indian parents abroad.

e)What advice would you like to give to the budding writers?
Niyati Patel

Rashmi: Write from the heart. Let the words flow through you and create magic.
Niyati: 1) Edit your work before submitting to us on Bloody Good Book.
2) Focus on the basics of storytelling - character and plot.
3) Share a new perspective with your readers.