Unseasonal Rain-Anupa Mehta (Book Review)

Unseasonal Rain is written by Anupa Mehta and published by Estrade Publishers. 

The book is a compilation of short stories. I will put the book under the category of dark and serious.  It leaves you with a haunting feeling. But one cannot help it, as somewhere it shows the truth of our society and our life. The best part of the stories is, the characters belong to upper middle class, so relating to them is not a problem. The book is divided into nine stories with a twist.

The stories deal with different topics like sexual abuse, loneliness, need for acceptance, unhappy marriages etc. The stories also reflect the surviving skill of the characters, that how in spite of all the odds they made peace with self. Though at times while reading the book, I wished that more was written about character’s thinking pattern. But nevertheless, the book is a good read. If you are a serious reader I would definitely recommend you this book.

Anupa Mehta
Among the collection, I like the story of – An actor and Incomplete Painting. An actor is an interesting take, on how it is difficult to accept the reality, even when the truth is staring at us. The story revolves around an actress who was unconventional and shifted her lover to her marital home (we thought only men do such things). The kids are born and one bears a striking resemblance to the lover. When the kids grow up, they leave the home as they cannot deal with societal gossips. The kid, who resembled the lover, hates his mom for what she did and tries to ignore the reality. But as the story progress, the kid who has turned into man, tries to make peace with the fact and brings the father home. What intrigued me was, had the kid accepted the reality, he would had more time to spend with his father and the poor old man wouldn’t have landed in old age home. It definitely strikes the chord somewhere. After reading the story I was contemplating, why we humans are such cowards and pleasing the society is so high on our agenda.

Why should you read the book:

The book is published by Estrade Publishers and costing Rs.200/-