Importance of Stories for the kids

My article might seem like a sermon to few, but I am trying to convey a point, which is lost to the majority. The worst thing about today’s No-Times world is that often, we don’t have much time for our kids. In order to avoid spending time with them, we often send them to watch tv, or give them mobiles, tabs to play game. So that we continue doing our much needed office work or finish that latest juicy gossip with our neighbor. Many parents complain, that the kids do not listen to them or they seem like an alien. Well, I can say they would prefer listening to their dear tv and phones, at least that keep them occupied and entertained.

Ancient Scriptures
Like every other thing on planet, you need to spend time with your kid, nurture the relationship so that the bond strengthen. And one of the best way is to narrate stories to them. Whatever you want to convey to them, tell it through stories. They can easily relate to it and it will remain with them. Moreover, do you know that our scriptures like Ramayan and Mahabharat do not simply tell us the stories, but they used to narrate important life lessons to us.  For eg. In Mahabharat when the Pandavas were send to exile, where a palace of lac was build for them by Kauravas. The moment Pandavas stepped inside ,they felt something is amiss, they can get burned in the palace anytime ,so they started preparing escape route. This is not a mere story this shows the importance of observation and preparing a back up plan. If we narrate the importance of back up plan to our kids, they will get irritated but incidents like these, really come handy. Similarly in Ramayan there is an incident, where Hanuman ask lakshman –How will he recognize Sita? Lakshman immediately tells Hanuman, that he hasn’t seen Sita beyond her feet and Ram will explain Sita features briefly. This incident teaches, the respect towards women folk. With the rising incidences of rape and domestic violence , this incident really comes handy that one should not look at the females with lustful eyes.

 Similarly in Kuran it is mentioned, that the way to heaven is in mother’s feet, even in Ramayan the importance of taking care of old parents is taught by Shravan Kumar story. Don’t you think that today’s generation need to learn these stories, otherwise the old age home will be on rise.

These are just few of the examples , our scriptures are filled with plenty of them. My request is narrate stories to the kids, apart from giving them lessons it also fuels their imagination. And even you don’t know, in a way you are equipping your little soldiers with the right ammunition for the future battles. 

Few must read books for the kids are Ramayan, Mahabahrat, Shivaji,Dr.Abdul Kalam , all these are available in Amar Chitra Katha series. Yes, another important point after teaching the stories to the kids, next day ask question about the same, so that maximum recall is there and show them you tube videos.