Penthouse-Restautant Review

Penthouse a modern lounge & Bar is located right in the heart of the most luxurious part of New Delhi – GK with Modern outlook combined with plush comfort. 

Brainchild of Sunny Bhatia, Penthouse offers its patrons a memorable time with finest  food, drinks, ambiance and decor for a signified experience. The architecture is inspired by a Modern Day penthouse.

Penthouse is a stylish outlet with aesthetically pleasing interiors and a distinctive structure. The feeling of luxury and grandeur is the first step experience of this place. The wooden chairs and couches are a throwback to the classic english bars highlighted by the neutral palette& dark wood decor. The place has a wide variety of earthy materials & chic furniture. The place is on mission to give customized experience. It's laid back home-style bar, instantly made me  feel like i am having good time at a friend’s place.

The food menu comprises of modern global cuisine with dishes from across the globe and a regal dining experience.This place is a gastronomical delight.

The menu includes brings the best of dishes from starters to small plates to desserts. The menu is divided into three segments defined as From the East, From the West & From home .

Among starters one can choose from Thai Rolls, Chicken Karage, Curry Chicken Tart, Mushroom Croquettes, Saffron Tangri Kebab, Keema Gilafi and more.

One can choose from Exotic Pizzas like Hiccup Pizza, Pesto chicken pizza, thin crust Pepporni pizza and more.  Coming from the Penthouse kitchen also here are the best dim sums on offering. One can choose from Prawn Dumpling wrapped in a spinach leaf, crystal curried lamb, celery and peppers dumpling wrapped in pokchoy leaf, crystal spicy asparagus dumplings and more.

 They also have a unique segment called small plates where one can choose from The Mezze platter, Risotto Pomodoro, Thai curries, Oriental stir-fry vegetables, Chicken kathi roll, Cottage cheese kathi roll and more.   I pampered my sweet buds with Wine poached pears, Tab kim krob and Banoffee pie 

Bar at Penthouse is well equipped with best of spirits like Champagne & Sparkling wines, Margarita, Martini, Daiquiri, Single malts across the world. It serves home infused liquor to offer a distinctive flavor with distinguish ingredients mixed in a perfect setting. The list of cocktails include many signature drinks like Bellini, Pout Monkey, Beer blast, Basil vodka, Sparkling Orange, Grass Hopper, Tropical Sangria, Mimosa, Screw Driver, Tom Collins, Mai Tai and more.  Penthouse also offers Pout Pitchers where one can choose from Mojito, LIIT, Sangria and more. 

  Penthouse  pays extra attention on even the minutest of details and are aware of the essence of flawless service.