Phantom-Movie Review

It took me long to review Phantom, as I was unable to decide, in which category to put it.  The movie definitely qualifies under patriotic category. I would say it is good one time watch. The movie is directed by Kabir Khan and lead stars are Saif Ali Khan ,Katrina Khan.

The plot revolves around 26/11 mumbai attacks. That was the day when not only Mumbai but the entire country came to a halt. And most of the Indians questioned that if these elites are not safe, then forget about the fate of the common man. The movie shows, an officer in Raw decides to avenge 26/11, by killing all the masterminds behind the attack. Now the problem is, they want an Invisible Iron Man to put the plan into action. A guy whom no one knows, there is no record of his existence, in another words India needed a Phantom. And hail here comes our man -Saif Ali khan, to put the plan into action and goes on this suicidal mission. He had his own reasons to go for this mission, as he wants to clean the deserter tag, given to him by Indian Army. Honestly, Katrina has not much to do as an ex-raw officer apart from glamourizing the scene. 

The movie is definitely a wish which every Indian wants to get fulfilled. But at times the script seemed bit comical. For instance the reason behind Katrina joining the whole chase was pretty comical. You need to have better reasons to go on a suicide mission. The chemistry between the lead actors needed to be developed more. 

But still can recommend, if you have free time you can definitely go for this movie.