Amin Sheikh an uncommon Indian changing street kids life.

Amin Sheikh was a street kid, who fought with his adverse situations and grew up to be responsible citizen. An orphanage Snehsadan, played an important role in shaping him and changing his life. He is well traveled, has his own travel agency and planning to open a coffee shop for all. Indians like him are an inspiration for the rest. They teach us how focusing one’s mind on positivism can change one’s life positively.

RM- Amin you were a street kid, but you have come out beautifully. Do you see hope for other street kids? Also please mention few of the problems faced by these kids in both the genders?
AS-Every child is different , it also depends on what kind of situation they had been through, whether in family or on street. According to me, it’s very hard to deal with such situations when there is no family support and  love. Yes, there is hope to see the changes if they come across good people and opportunity. When they feel good then they want to do good things and be better in life, i think if i can change then so do others. Please understand,they have sexually abused , forced to take drugs , kicked and shouted by people when they beg , they pick up food from the garbage , they sleep in a very dirty place  because of such treatment on the streets, they get internally damage and psychologically ill. All these can be fixed with love and care, but it is not easy as it takes a lot of time.

RM-What is the basic thing that can change the attitude of a street kid and make him more hopeful towards life?
AS-Love , care and  to step in his shoes to understand their ways of living what they want . 
RM-How common man/ Indian Citizen can help in making a difference to street kid life?
AS-1st thing a common man , who knows his life is not economically fit to feed a child  should not have children. I think that’s the best way to take care and reduce number of children on street.
RM-When the world is turning crazy and selfish, do you think still humanity is alive? If yes, please quote an example from your life?
AS- Its true day by day this world is getting crazy , materialistic  and selfish, but yes i still believe that humanity exist and it will be there as long humans rule this planet. Goodness is god and every good person has got god in him. I have met few good people who think about others for example if you never had good intentions you wouldn’t be interviewing me, so i believe in humanity and we are the change for better world .

RM-According to you what make a kid on the street survive? Have you seen any kid life coming to an abrupt end, due to inhuman conditions on street?
AS-I have explained to you how they survive and some of my companion died due to drugs but i haven’t seen anyone committing suicide , at times they do suffer from depression and loneliness .

RM-What message do you want to give to fellow Indians, through this platform? you are not responsible enough to take care of yourself please don't bring life to this planet , because bringing  new life is a huge responsibility and any child deserves a better life, after all they are part of you It’s your heart .