Brandy Cocktails

Winter Brandy Cocktails

Leaves on the Rock

½ a cup of Coke
1/2 ounce of Bols Brandy
Black Pepper to taste
Mix ½ a cup of coke along with soda and ½ ounce of Bols Brandy.  Shake it and add crushed ice to the mixture. Pour it in a long glass, sprinkle some pepper and it is ready to serve!
Dish to accompany with the drink:  Nachos with a tomato-onion dip are a complete win with this drink!

Snow Flake Berry

1 /2 spoon of strawberry syrup 
1 oz of BOLS Brandy 
1 oz of water 
1 Strawberry for garnishing

Pour 1 /2 spoon of strawberry syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add 1 oz of water, 1 oz of BOLS brandyand 2 tbs. of sugar. Shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.
Garnish it with fresh strawberry and enjoy.

Dish to accompany with the drink:  Paneer Tikka, Honey Chilly Potatoes