Bueno Kitchen

I had a hectic day and was not in the mood to cook, when one of my friends suggested me to order food from Buenos Kitchen. I gladly lapped up the idea. I went through the website and found it impressive. But my concern was, often food look tempting on these sites, once you have them in reality then the story is different. On my friend’s further insistence, I placed the order for Paneer Tawa Masala with Roomali Roti, Chicken Seekh Tawa Masala with Roomali Roti and Walnut Brownie.

The whole experience of placing the order was smooth. We just had to dial a number and place an order. Bueno kitchen was very prompt, immediately an sms was send to us, informing about the food status and the name of the delivery boy along with his phone number. I requested them specifically, that the food should be delivered before 6:30 p.m. I got a call from my reception at 6:10 pm that the food has arrived. Needles to say that I was impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness.

The packing was good, it was tightly sealed, to rule out any leakages. The site and aroma of the food was tempting. The paneer was soft and fresh, same can be said about the chicken. The quantity is enough for two people. The walnut brownie will melt into your mouth. The food is not over priced, but it is not that cheap also. Food for 2 will cost your around Rs 700, along with sweet dish.
The only spoiler was, the food was too spicy. I had tears running down my face,by the time I finished my dinner. I would like to suggest before placing the order, categorically request them , you want little or mild spices. In a similar manner Buenos Kitchen should lessen the spices. Everyone is moving towards healthy food, people are becoming diet conscious, in such a case spicy food would not go well with the consumers.

The competition is tough , many people in Delhi NCR are working on almost similar food delivery model. Food quality and taste will be the key differentiator, between all the players. Rest I have no complaints with Buenos Kitchen, they fared well on my expectations.