Popular Cakery-Review

I was invited to review Popular Cakery, the name itself sounded tempting, enough to visit. The best thing about the Cakery is, it’s location. It is walking distance from Noida Sector-18 metro station. This joint is year old, and comes under Palki group, who are into the food industry since last 10 years. It is a take away joint, there are no seating arrangements available. The staff is nice and warm, and along with cakes, they will treat you with some interesting insights into cake making.

First thing I had was Walnut Pie, it was tempting. The walnut pie of Popular Cakery differs from others, the sponge crumbs are used to lessen the sweetness. Generally the pie is caramelized with sugar, that makes it too sweet to eat. But thankfully, I enjoyed the sweetness. The pie was garnished with mozzarella cheese. Walnut Pie costs-Rs 60/-

I opted red velvet cake, I found it bit thick and not spongy. The chef told me that there is a separate premix is used, which made all the difference. The beetroot powder is added to give it a red color.To add thickness, combination of cheese and fresh cream is used. I do not like the taste much, though it is worth trying. The red velvet costs Rs 70/- per piece.

Oh yes, if you are there with a kid, please go for Oreo Pastry. It is made of Oreo biscuit crushed into cream and filled in between. My nephew simply loved it, so would say worth trying. It doesn’t cost too much on purse, but will definitely lift your kid’s mood.

If you are not too much into sweetness, then go for Veg Calzone. It tastes much like your pizza, with dripping cheese but the shape is different. The dough is filled with calzone sauce and cheese, it is further tossed with capsicum, onion and tomato. I simply loved Calzones.

Do try out the food and let me know, which one you find the best.