A Silver Dawn is written by Leena Varghese and published by Harlequin. This book falls under the category of chic literature.

Generation of 80’s and 90’s had grown on a staple diet of Mills and Boons. While reading them, we always wished for Indian heroes, who act as a knight in shining armor. Finally in 21st century our wish is granted, we have got many authors writing plots similar to Mills and Boons, with Indian heroes. A silver dawn fit in that list.

Many authors create unnecessary dramatic situations, to spice up the plot. Thankfully Leena has written a plain and simple love story, with no shocking twist and turn. The language of the book is simple. It can be read in one go, so a great companion while traveling.

The story starts in Panjim, where a talented but widowed Clarissa Milagres lives with her parents. She was born in a rich and well known family. But things change after her violent marriage with Victor. She faces domestic violence, abuse and humiliation, all this makes her mistrustful of men. Enters Leon Rodriguez, an orphan but a renowned hotelier. Leon is in love with Clarissa since childhood, he approaches her family for marriage. Everyone readily agrees apart from Clarissa, who do not want to loose her freedom. But things are not that simple, Leon comes to know, he has to protect his lady love from a Russian don, who is into smuggling, drug peddling and trafficking. Leon has got dual responsibility-protect her lady love and take her cynicism away.

If you are a guzzler of love stories then this book is definitely for you. The story invokes nostalgia for those days, when you fell in love for the first time. Love was sweet, simple and one glance was enough to make you go weak in knees. The book is priced at Rs 250/-, is available at all leading stores along with online.

Why should you read this book:

Smooth story flow
Easy English
Chic literature