Corpokshetra is a witty take on Mahabharat. The book is written by Deepak Kaul, co- published by Westland ltd and Bloody Good Book.

 The big question is what makes a book different, as a reviewer I believe the treatment of the subject. Mahabharat is a complex epic ,with many sub plots running simultaneously. Weaving a contemporary story ,which is very much relevant in today’s corporate world, is a feast in itself. Though I would say that Mahabharat was more dramatic then Corpokshetra. Also too much use of sports, make the book less interesting. One should be able to understand the intricacies of golf , to understand the book. I wish the author would have created more relevant events, which one could have easily related.

This time the Mahabharat is fought in boardroom and not out on fields. Pandavas return back from Agyatvas ,asking Kaurav to give them their due share in the company. The kauravas are not ready to let go a single share of Hastinapur Inc. Pandavas hire Krishna as consultant, to bail them out of the mess. Krishna seeking a brilliant business opportunity, visit Kauravas and try to put sense in them. But Duryodhan is not ready to relent.  Seeing no other option, Pandavas call for board meeting to address the situation. Now who all are the board members, no prize for guessing, they are Bhishm Pitamah, Drona, Karan. Kunti’s excessive dependency on gin and tonic, give birth to many humorous situations. Her illegitimate relationship with yesteryear superstar Big C is well crafted. No doubt, the book is filled with many light moments. The author has done his research well, to blend the past with the present. The final battle is fought not in the boardroom but in the playground.

What could have been avoided:
Too much dependency on sports.
Plot gets bit slow and clumsy in the end.

Why should you read the book:
Relevance to modern day
Good Adaptation
Crisp Editing