The Girl On The Train

The Girl On The Train is a gripping story, of a traumatized alcohol addict. The book is written by Paula Hawkins. The story is brilliantly written.

Imagine your home near a railway line, where same time a train passes with a passenger, who keeps on observing your house and your activities. Does this sounds eerie? Ya, this is the story of The Girl On The Train. It is not only a gripping novel but also a heartfelt journey of central character Rachel. You can hate or love her but cannot ignore her. At times her dependency on alcohol, might drive you crazy. But other times, her vulnerability and helplessness, may fill you with compassion for the central character.

The story starts in a small town where Rachel travels to London daily, for her work. She follows the same routine, same train, same landscape. She passes through a particular locality, where she used to live previously. Religiously she peeps through her window and is intrigued by a couple, living in a particular house. Her mind weaves a story around the couple, she even give them fictitious name. She calls the lady Jess and all hell break loose, when Jess goes missing. Rachel knows a secret , which according to her can help police in locating her. But the problem is no one takes her seriously, everyone considers her alcoholic, who is grieving her husband betrayal. She is very sure she knows something about the day, the girl goes missing. To know what happen more, do read the novel.

The story is beautifully crafted, it keeps one hooked and you cannot keep down the book, till you have finally completed it. I loved the story because it portrays human emotions and vulnerabilities in the rawest form. 

Why should you read the book: