With you I dance

With you I dance is a peppy love story written by Aarti V Raman and published by FINGERPRINT! L!TE.

This is a chic literature but one worth reading. These days chic literatures are in but mostly what we get is trash, this book definitely stand out from the crowd. This is not only a love story but also a journey of central character Meera, where she explores herself, face her darkest demons and find meaning to life. When we start living, many of our dreams fall apart but there are certain dreams with which our identity is linked and when these dreams fall apart, life suddenly stops making sense to us.

Meera wanted to be a ballerina since the age of three, she never shared her life with anyone apart from her dance. She coaxed her family to send her to New York, to get a formal training in ballet. But destiny had some other plans for her, tragedy stuck on the night before her biggest performance. She went on the stage but was unable to perform. She was asked not only to leave the dancing institution, but was also told categorically that her career as ballerina is over in New York. She returns back to Mumbai, leaving not only her career but also leaving the only man she ever loved.  A year later in Mumbai, she is still figuring out her life, when she decides to open her own ballet school. But this is not as easy as it sounds, she has got no business knowledge and her crowd fear always makes her freeze. Icing on the cake is Abeer make second entry in her life, but with so much animosity, will they be able to pull through.

It is a sweet love story in today‚Äôs digital world, where insecurity, vulnerability and other emotions are showcased beautifully. All the characters have been beautifully developed, with a shade of grey. Even the central female character, is not shown as a super women, who can do anything. She is normal female like any of us. 

Why should you read this book: