One Indian Girl-Book Review

Lot of hue and cry over this book, written by Chetan Bhagat. One saying fits Mr.Bhagat perfectly-“Love him, hate him but you cannot ignore him.” He is a master marketer and publicist, that’s the key reasons, his books make all kind of noise. I am yet to comprehend, whether he is a bad writer, he knowingly insults his audience or all this is his natural self.

One thing is for sure, he hasn’t seen brains in Punjabi community. The way he makes fun of Punjabi families, women folk, is racist. Honestly such madness cannot be expected from so called IIT-IIM guy. Probably he is yet to meet intellectual Punjabi girl.

This book of his is full of masala, like his previous books. He again went overboard, with few things in this book. We all come across various difficulties, in our professional life. But the protagonist, somehow is difficulty proof, where her professional life is concerned. She is doing so well professionally, that whenever she faces relationship failure, her bosses are happy to transfer her across the globe, but are not ready to let her go. This seems bit outstretched, as in real life, bosses are not there for baby sitting.

Radhika Mehta is a nerd, who has severe issue with her looks and personality. After IIM, she comes to New York and join Goldman Sachs. She meet Debashish Sen, who seem like a  nice guy and relationship develops. But somehow the guy, is not able to handle the success of Radhika, moreover he does not consider her a mother material, so he leaves her high and dry. Unable to cope the relationship failure, she moves to Hong Kong, where she meet Neel Gupta, her boss’s boss. Soon love flows between them, but when Radhika asks for stable future, the guy can offer none. She leave the country and move to London, where she agrees for an arranged marriage with Brijesh Gulati. What happens next, this needs to be read.

My honest opinion, book is not that bad, it is good one time read. Please approach the book, like you will approach Govinda’s movies, put logic behind. And girls out there, don’t get into any false illusion, where jobs are concerned, jobs are not as rosy as Mr.Bhagat has portrayed.