Review of novel Penumbra

Penumbra is a thriller written by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay, published by FiNGERPRINT!. This book has 206 pages and is reasonably priced.

Opinion about the book

I have read many thrillers from international writers, love their gripping style of writing. But this is for the first time, when an Indian thriller writer has impressed me. What makes a thriller interesting, definitely an unpredictable plot, twists and turns. The reader starts guessing the culprit or the prime suspect, as the story progress. But Penumbra is bit different and if I spill the beans here, then the reader will loose the fun. So would suggest to pick up the book and read, trust me you will not regret.

The story starts in Calcutta, the main character Prakash receives a letter from his uncle, requesting him to be a part of birthday celebration. Prakash has never heard about this uncle, but when the uncle mentions Prakash mother, he decides to take the trip to unknown land. He lands up at uncle’s bunglow amidst storm. In the bungalow, he come across different characters, few of them are intriguing. Prakash is being told that something is wrong with his uncle, and the way he flirts with his biographer. Amidst all this drama, Prakash aunt and uncle both get murdered. The real story begins from here, everyone is a suspect. If Prakash wants to save himself, then apart from applying brains he need to dig the hidden facts of the bungalow.

The story is beautifully written, in simple English. The easy flow of narrative will raise your interest. Honestly, nowhere while reading, I felt like keeping the book down. And as already mentioned, the best part is the twist,   that is pretty unexpected and keeps you hooked up.

Why should you read this book: