A Sister To Honour

A Sister TO Honour is written by Lucy Ferriss and published by Fingerprint!. It’s a fiction and is priced at Rs 295/.

Authors like Khalid Hosseni, Jean Sasson have explored Islamic countries,  in their books. Their focus was more towards Middle East, Afghanistan, and the subject of the books often revolved around the patriarchal society, the ill treatment meted out to the women. Lucy Ferriss book, is further addition in the journey. The book is set in Pakistan and is about honor killing. Honor killing is prevalent in some parts of Asia and Middle East. Many voices have been raised against this subject and few countries have passed laws against this practice. This book also explores family politics.

Afia Satar is studious, modest daughter of Satar family. The family sends Shahid the son and Afia to America, to follow their career dreams. Shahid and Afia are very close to each other, since childhood. Everything was in place, till Afia fell in love with a white guy. The photos of her and white guy, is fished out by her stepsibling, and shared with the family. As expected, all hell breaks loose. Afia is given stern warning and Shahid is asked, to protect the honor of her sister at all cost. They return to U.S, Shahid wants to focus on the win over Harvard, which will assure him job in America. But destiny has some other plans for the siblings. I do not want to steal the thunder, would suggest you to read the book.

This book throws light on many things, the difference of thinking between the west and the Asian countries. Many things that the west considers as basic human right, do not exist in these countries. The book is a nice read and takes one through the myriad journey of relations, human emotions etc.

Why should you read the book: