Dvarca is written by Madhav Mathur and published by Fingerprint!.

The book is placed in 22nd century, it presents a different India, which follows one religion called Navmarg. While going through the story, I found an uncanny resemblance between Navmarg and our present groups like Bajrang Dal, RSS,MNS etc. All these fractions, currently promote Hindutuva or promote themselves as Indian culture and values protector. 

Now coming back to the story, it provides a very grim picture, of a society driven by state religion and cutting-edge science. Imagine a society, where you cannot become mother by your own choice. The state decides the time and the artificial method, which will help you attain motherhood. The food given to every family is rationed, no wonder many times, family members are left hungry. It sounded worse than a Taliban regime.  The author has done a good job, in picturing such a society. But still, the story lacks somewhere, the story seems half baked, after a point. Storyline definitely needed bit more of attention.

I have already mentioned, where the story is placed. It showcases the story of a common man Gandharva, financial bureaucrat, who is living in such a society. His wife Jyoti  is dutiful, she also works in Dvarca mill. One day Jyoti forgets her way and lands up in a cordoned area, where terrorists attack happens. Later it is revealed to Jyoti, it was no terror attack but a planned attack done by the state, to create fear. In this society, genetic engineering seems to be at its peak.  As a result kids born are genetically far ahead, they have all the required traits needed by the state. Everything was going fine, but one fine day, little Nakul son of Gandharva and Jyoti, did something which was considered unpardonable under Navmarg. You need to unleash your imagination, when you read Dvarca. At one point of time, I felt the pain and humiliation of belonging to such a society.

I cannot fully write off the book, but wished for a better and stronger plot.