When Love Finds You

When Love Finds You is written by Yashodhara Lal and published by HarperCollins Publishers. Yashodhara has already written three books. This book falls under the category of chic literature.

It is a nice book with easy story line. The story has very well portrayed, the politics and the pressures of corporate. It has also highlighted the impact of one unfortunate incident, on entire life. We read a lot about sexual harassment at work places, the author has very well woven this concept in the story. The writer has showcased the feelings and the mindset of the victim. The story tactfully portrays, that irrespective of the achievements, female employee attain, possibility of sexual exploitation or harassment can never be ruled out.

Natasha the lady boss, also known as Hitler, is real bad boss, you can imagine the extent of her meanness, she can make even guys cry. Who says Indian women are not empowered? She is the star performer, under her strict whipping, the team achieves good results. But then this is corporate, where till last moment no one knows, how the wind will blow? She was waiting for a promotion, but her boss Aman introduced a new guy RIshabh over her.  He had excellent “People Skills”, department in which Natasha was definitely lacking. He became the latest heartthrob of the organization, with female employees and clients falling over him. This was getting her, on the nerves. At the same time, Nikhil joins with his subtle charm and dimpled smile.  He is the guy who makes her feel more human and desirable.  Also, there is Mrs Chopra, her neighbor, who is very much like her. Soon situation force Natasha, to address her past, which is haunting her.

One can very well relate to the story, especially if you have ever worked in corporate. Being a women achiever in man’s world, is not an easy thing.

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