Happily Never After

Happily never After is written by Jane De Suza and published by Harper Collins.

My first remark about the book – It is nicely written, compact story, enough dose of humor and great emotional connect. I picked up this book and thanks to Jane, called off few important meetings. I was unable to keep it down, the story tend to grow around you. Jane has done an excellent job in showcasing the frustration and boredom of marriage. I think this happens with all of us, we all tend to enter marriage with rosy eyes, slowly responsibilities tend to spoil the party. It is quiet easy to give up at this point, but the brave ones who keep on hanging, definitely walk away with the cake. Most of the young moms can easily relate with the story.  None of the situations mentioned in the book, looked crappy or out of place, infact one would love the humor, hidden in those messed up situations.

Tina Raja entered marriage with all rosy dreams. But she never thought, all that long drives, surprise gifts will be replaced with three kids, dog , cat and an absent husband. All this put together give rise to many funny situations. Tina decides to vent out her anger and frustration in a blog, but all kind of lech and perverts start following her blog. I will not blame the perverts, when the title of the blog-lustless lady seems so suggestive. In the meantime she meets a dentist in virtual word. She feel a connect with the dentist, who makes her feel all important. But hold on your horses, Tina is one female who has her sensibilities in place. She is not a bed jumper. Amidst all this chaos, the husband returns.  The character of Vik has been well crafted. Nowhere you will feel , hatred towards the guy. Vik who up till now was in Singapore, returns back to India to save his marriage and family.

Reading Happily Never After was like attending Christmas Carnival. There is fun, positivity, honesty and many things more. Jane never for once went into the preachy mode, where Tina’s or Vik’s actions are concerned.

Why should you read the book:

Beautiful Story