Managing The Matrix

Managing the matrix is written by Dawn Metcalfe and published by Wiley.

This is not a fiction, though the form of writing is very engaging. It is a much needed business book, that teach us the importance of emotional intelligence. Across globe, emphasis is laid on improving the technical skills, but to survive in an organization emotional intelligence plays an equal important role.

When I joined corporate, I had management degree, I thought it was enough to survive in an organization. But I was totally ill prepared for the politics, stress, negotiations that a job brings. One word of advice, don’t consider this book as soft skills sales pitch, look from a broader angle and then Managing the matrix will make sense to you.
The story starts with Debra, who was not in good mood. Her colleague had been promoted, she was eyeing this position for long. She believed that she is always better than the colleague, except she is not into playing politics. She thought of leaving the organization, but before that she had to attend training session with Johann. They work in an environment which have multiple and complex reporting lines- a matrix organization. Surviving in matrix organization, definitely needs a training in EI. The sessions with Johann, start giving her a different perspective towards problem solving and surviving.  The book also highlights the value of coaching and mentoring, which is often ignored in organization.

I liked the “Key Takeaways” as it sums up the whole chapter. The chapters also move on to action steps, and by the time you are half way through, things will start making sense.
The book is not at all a drab, infact the story telling writing style is pretty refreshing. It is highly recommended for corporate goers and also for all those who are going to enter the corporate world. Many people drop out or waste there career, as they find themselves ill-equipped to handle politics.
This book will help them in understanding a different and useful perspective, towards corporate survival technique.