Double Or Quits

Double or Quits is written by Shilpa Gupta and published by Jaico books. It comes under chic literature.

The story is women centric, it talks about the struggle of a female, who from a middle class background , joins investment banking and soon becomes the top health analyst of India. The story has well portrayed the fact, that even the toughest of female, in love, can do stupid things.  Corporate is a jungle, we have all heard, but the story truly proves this statement.  The problem is that many stories, are written on similar lines.  So, technically the book has nothing new to offer. But would still recommend, as the story is well written and gripping. Nowhere, you will feel like keeping the book.

This is a story of Jyotsna Singh, who lost her father at a young age.  She saw her mother balancing home and work, to ensure the flow of money.  She devote herself to excel in studies, so that she can properly take care of her mother and ammaji. She delivers her promise and earn management degree from IIM Ahmedabad. She lands up with a job in top investment banking firm of India. Everything was going well, till she was asked to handle the IPO mandate of Shahni hospital, not only she loses her heart to Aryan but also her mind. Unknowingly, she gets involved in a financial scam,  that can ruin her life, career, dreams and all her aspirations. You need to read further to know, what exactly happens. Supporting all the while are her three friends-  Richa, Sanchi and Nitin.

This is a fun book, one can complete in one go. There is no unnecessary melodrama in the story, all the situations fit well. And yes, this book truly proves that even the wisest of person can go crazy in love.

Why to read:

Easy English

Smooth storyline

Crisp Editing