Summer vacations are approaching, so the big question is, how to keep the kids, constructively involved? I raked my brains and explored different options.  Water parks, amusement parks, games parlor trust me, nothing excited me enough, to take my child there. Now, before you think i am being too selective, let me explain, i always believed- fun should follow some learning. I am not against these parks and games parlor, but i find them waste of time and money.

Kidzania Noida invited me to come and experience the zone. I took 3 kids aged seven years with me, as they were going to share the first hand experience . 

Kidzania is located in Great India Palace Mall, Noida. The moment I stepped inside, it was another world. Sorry, I mean another city, which was managed by kids. The city had its own economy, separate currency, kid should participate and earn . That is the best thing, at such an early age; child is taught the value of money, how to earn and where to spend the money. They have 90 role playing activities. Child can get a peep in the life of doctor, police, lawyer, journalist, RJ etc. Not only this, there are miniature factories of Parle G, Dominos, Kinder Joy, Frooti, Kiwi Orchard, Chocos, kid gets a basic understanding, as how these products are made. In the kiwi orchard, kids were taught about the origin of kiwis and the types. Every activity involves certain money, either you have to pay the money to experience the activity or earn money while doing the activity. So, the kid’s decision making ability is put to test. He need to keep an eye on his wallet.

 Ok, before the parents get this doubt, what will they do over there? Let me tell you, Kidzania is totally safe, grab a chair, sit back and relax. Your kids are wearing electronic bands, they can be traced easily.

My key points for recommending Kidzania are:

Revant Pandey, 7 year old says, “I loved Kidzania, because it make me feel big like mama and papa. I  have to earn money and then spend it.”

Adhikansh Talwar,7 year old says, “I got to know, how to make pizza, now I can make one of my own. Also, I loved to be a commentator.”

Aarav Bhasin, 7 year old says, “ I will come back here again, this time I was unable to become pilot, but next time I will definitely experience that.”