When Change Happens

When Change Happens is written by Lalit Jagtiani and published by Lead Think.

Change is a much dreaded word in the corporate. It is often associated with job cuts, change in KRA’s and what not. But thanks to Mr.Jagtiani, the change doesn’t seem like a dreaded demon. The author not only simplified a complex topic, but also highlighted that by adding human element, aligning personal goals with corporate goals, can bring the much needed change.

The style of writing is fictional, proper balance is maintained between intellectual and emotional perspective. Light is thrown on the thinking pattern of management pyramid, right from top to bottom.

The protagonist Mark is leading a routine life, coming to office, doing daily chores, without much excitement. One day, he receives a call from his boss, informing him, he is going to be part of, “Change Agent” team in the organization, which will drive change in the organization. While going through the process, Matt realizes that effective change, need involvement of all the stakeholders. This further means addressing the concerns of the employee, in a proper manner. Generally in organizations, change is forced down the throat, this leads to unpleasantness and confusion. Jagtiani has beautifully addressed this concern, being human can erase many problems and concerns.

I genuinely like the “Close Eye Visioning Method” mentioned in the story. Sharing dreams, visions always lead to better bonding and emotional engagement. Any change is not possible, till it is supported by top management. Feel good programs with little impact on business, would not catch top management fancy. Any change should have a long lasting productive impact on the organization. Once the top management can gauze the impact, then getting funds and clearances would not be a problem.

Jagtiani drills this point beautifully, when the organization empowers its employees, innovations and improvement in processes start happening. The key to any successful change is “The Workforce”, most companies go into secretive mode, but if they involve the employees, the change would be successful and better results in all the spheres will be seen.

Must read for management students, trainers,HR professionals and corporate professionals.