Moriyaa Re!

Moryaa Re is a crime thriller, written by Mark Manuel and published by Jaico.    

Thriller is a tough genre, it is difficult to maintain the pace. I have read many thrillers, which have fantastic beginning, but slowly they start losing the pace. Either the plot becomes too predictable or the writer, starts losing the grip on the story. Kudos to Mark Manuel, he has done full justice to the plot. I sat down to review the book, and got totally hooked up, with the novel. The author has highlighted the impact of childhood abuse, on an individual’s personality. 

The story is centered in Mumbai, and author has beautifully used Ganeshotsav and Mumbai rains, as the backdrop. It’s Ganeshotsav in Mumbai, people are welcoming idols of Ganeshji in their home. But there is a Ganeshbhakt, who has got twisted imagination and who is out to kill celebs or VIPs of Mumbai. He goes on a killing spree, without leaving clue behind. Apart from sms messages and calls to police, done after the killing. The elite crime branch sleuths of the Mumbai Police, who are compared with London’s Scotland Yard, keep on helplessly watching these murders, without a visible clue in sight. Mark has beautifully portrayed the life of policeman, the kind of pressure and stress they go through. After reading the book, one would start respecting the erratic schedules of these police officers. I would leave on the readers to explore, whether the mighty Mumbai police force was able to stop these murders or not.

If you are mystery and psychology guzzler, then this novel is definitely for you. Also, with the kind of fiction that is appearing now days, Moryaa Re is very well written and has a gripping and justified plot. Mark Manuel, is a reputed crime journalist, while drafting the plot he has heavily borrowed from his field experiences.

I would definitely give the books thumbs up and would recommend it for reading.