Safari Adventure

Safari Adventure is written by Gail Skroback Hennessey and published by Purple Turtle’s.

I loved the book from the start. The book has simple English phrases, which make it easy for the kids to read. Not only this, the book is based on a theme “Saving the endangered Species”, so it provides you with lot of useful information about the wild. For eg. I was unaware that giraffe has blue tongue.

One thing which bothered me, that the name of the animals were not clearly mentioned. So, I had trouble in identifying the animals like melody,squirty. But finally I am happy to find a book, that gives knowledge and entertain us.

The story is around six animals, who along with a park ranger goes for a safari. They see, many wild animals over there, like tiger,leopard,elephant, giraffe,rhino etc. The ranger and  purple- the tortoise, inform the rest of the gang, about the endangered species. They also discuss that how tigers are being killed for the fur, in order to make beautiful coats. Similarly rhinos are killed for the horn, which is used in making medicines. In the end they all decide to become Junior Park Rangers, in order to educate the public about saving the endangered species from extinction  and also contribute financially in saving the animals.

This book is worth recommending, I would request other kids also, to pick up the book, they would not only be entertained but also gain valuable knowledge.

(Inputs given by By: Revant Pandey, 8 years old.)