Unlawful Justice

Unlawful Justice is written by Vish Dhamija and published by Harper Collins.

A good thriller should not have the predictability factor; the author has tried to maintain the elusive aspect. The plot building is good, though towards the end, plot slacken a bit. The author created a larger than life villain, so when the plot demanded revenge, the expectations from the villain were high. But somehow they were not met properly. Still, I can safely say, it is a well written novel, which is a good read. The English is crisp, the plot is not too complex. The characters are not heavily layered, they are simple to understand.  The book will give you peep, in the world of Indian judiciary.

Vansh and Priti Diwan were lawyers, and had a peaceful family life. They had a caretaker, who used to take care of the Diwan household, comprising of their daughter and caretaker’s daughter baby. This serenity was shattered by Maheep Singh, who raped Baby brutally.  Maheep Singh is son of Maninder Singh, the key client, handled by Vansh Diwan firm. Vansh was totally unaware of the fact, that the storm, will rip apart his household, and will challenge all his beliefs and ethics. He is torn between a shot at justice for the girl and his most powerful client. His wife Priti is devastated by her husband’s decision. She turns to Akash Hingorani, famous criminal lawyer and an old friend of Preeti and Vansh for help. The plot thickens from here, followed by a mysterious murder. For the rest, it would be better to read the book.

The novel is a good read, the plot is gripping and is definitely value for money.